“It is all about “WARMTH FOR YOU……”
Nippon Heater Kiki Co., Ltd specializes in the end-to-end solution from designing, manufacturing to the sales, maintenance and after-service of heating and warming products for our customers. With more than 30 years of know-how and experience, we take pride and continuously strive to deliver “Equipment & Services of Warmth” to the masses. Our major customers are the convenience stores who utilize our products as follows:

Bun Steamers for steaming and keeping foods, like Chinese Buns, warm and hygienic for ready consumption;

Heated Display Case for keeping finger foods warm and hygienic for ready consumption;

“Food Showcase” Bright, Hygienic, Easy Operational; Efficient power consumption!

Beverage Warmer for warming canned,
bottled beverages;

News Flash……


News release 2014.11.07

Latest addition to our lineup for Bun Steamers - BS460! Standing sturdy and taller; with a complete makeover for its exterior & interior finish in Stainless Steel, this new lineup comes with a bigger capacity but without compromise on quality. BS460 is currently undergoing its final journey to be endorsed for our targeted American and European markets, and will be opened for orders as soon as the endorsement is completed.

We target to begin taking orders for our new markets, and will definitely update again once production is feasible.

announcement 2012.04.20
We are happy to officially launch our English website. Our beverage warmers are already selling in America, Canada and Russia. You may wish to contact us or our distributors & partners for more details. More products will be made available internationally in the near future. Stay tuned for details!
announcement 2012.04.20
Sharing our simple facebook page. You may click on the link provided to visit our page We welcome sharings of experiences of usage, comments and/or recommendations!
News release 2012.01.01
Revealing our new line-up, the Food Showcase! This is part of our continuous effort to provide our clients with renewed efficiency for hygiene and eco-friendliness. The bright interior brings further appeal to customers as well. Please feel free to contact us for product brochures and/or more information . “A month-long free trial campaign is available on a First-Come-First-Serve basis.

Distributors & Partners

For U.S.A

J.C. Uni-tec, Inc

Address : 1467 W.178th St., Suite 301 Gardena, CA 90248
Contact : (310) 323-5299
Email : sales@jcunitec.com
Web : https://www.jcunitec.com/

PureRange Ent. Ltd.

PureRange Ent. Ltd.

Address : 1560 Booth Ave. Coquitlam V3K1B9 BC Canada
Contact : (+1) 778-397-7873
Mobile : (+1) 604-880-0620
Email : simon@purerange.com
Web : https://purerange.com/