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Introducing our PRODUCTS……our greatest pleasure in working hand-in-hand with YOU to deliver warm, delicious food & beverages anytime!

Bun Steamer
Widely used in convenience stores and/or food eateries; at rest areas/service stations along highways, in functions and events;for steaming up variety of pre-cooked foods like the popular Chinese Dim Sum!
Heated Display Case
How about keeping finger foods and snacks warm and crispy in a bright and hygienic environment?
Food Showcase
How about a power efficient, eco-friendly case; with LED lamps on individual shelf to brighten up the interior and maximize the visual appeal of the foods?
Beverage Warmer
Beverages that are Ready-To-Drink, provides warmth for your body, hand and mind……

Beverage Warmer

Storage and Display cases for Ready-To-Drink beverages!

Widely used in retail and convenience stores, often seen on the cashiers’ counters; in supermarkets and pharmacies/drug stores; in food stores, etc. Recently trending towards homes and office pantries as well!


  • Multiple models available for various counter top spaces
  • Doors built on both sides of unit allowing for ease and convenience to both store staffs and customers.
  • Safe-to-use with our special feature to prevent overheating.
  • Beverage temperature monitored by individual electronic thermostat located underneath each shelf, as well as an on/off switch.

Popular Model Line-ups

CW36-R2 (Japan, Russia)

Dimension (external) W365 x D205 x H465 (mm)
Weight 5kg
Power Consumption 100V 310W
List Price (Tax Inclusive) \31,500

CW54-R3 (Japan, Russia)

Dimension (external) W365 x D205 x H625 (mm)
Weight 7.7kg
Power Consumption 100V 465W
List Price (Tax Inclusive) \39,900

SW40-N2 (Japan, Canada, USA, Russia)

Dimension (external) W335 x D425 x H484 (mm)
Weight 12kg
Power Consumption 100V 300W
List Price (Tax Inclusive) \64,050

PW60-N3 (Japan, Canada, USA)

Dimension (external) W335 x D425 x H704 (mm)
Weight 17kg
Power Consumption 100V 450W
List Price (Tax Inclusive) \81,900

PW90-S3 (Japan, Canada, USA)

Dimension (external) W468 x D425 x H704 (mm)
Weight 24kg
Power Consumption 100V 615W
List Price (Tax Inclusive) \106,050
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