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Introducing our PRODUCTS……our greatest pleasure in working hand-in-hand with YOU to deliver warm, delicious food & beverages anytime!

Bun Steamer
Widely used in convenience stores and/or food eateries; at rest areas/service stations along highways, in functions and events;for steaming up variety of pre-cooked foods like the popular Chinese Dim Sum!
Heated Display Case
How about keeping finger foods and snacks warm and crispy in a bright and hygienic environment?
Food Showcase
How about a power efficient, eco-friendly case; with LED lamps on individual shelf to brighten up the interior and maximize the visual appeal of the foods?
Beverage Warmer
Beverages that are Ready-To-Drink, provides warmth for your body, hand and mind……

Bun Steamer

Built for 24 hours / 365 days of non-stop operation to steam up variety of pre-cooked foods like the Chinese Dim Sum!


  • Widely recommended for convenience stores and/or food eateries; at rest areas/service stations along the highways; in winter functions and events, etc.
  • It comes with our unique, single-piece, curved glass which provides unobstructed view of the warm, delicious-looking foods in the showcases.
  • Top efficiency comes with this equipment as all it needs is a single-touch to get the machine to automatically keep your foods warm at the recommended temperature. We take pride to also provide our unique function to understand errors occurred from the preset alarms and messages displayed via a single-glance at the “tell-it-all” digital control panel.

Popular Model Line-ups


Dimension (external) W465 x D531 x H825 (mm)
Weight 46kg
Power Consumption 120V 1,630W
Control Method Micro-computer control
Safety Devices Electric Leakage Breaker (ELB), Electrode Switch, Overheat Preventive Device, Thermistor, Bimetal reset Thermostat
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